28 September 2014

Overwhelm. Blogger burnout. Taking a short break.

I currently feel overwhelmed with stuff I have to do. The day job is busy, I'm performing at the Melbourne Fringe Festival this Friday and Saturday, I've got some nights out at the movies and theatre this week, I need to exercise and keep house, and there is a backlog of draft blog posts (and articles) I have to finish. Yesterday I had a three hour nap in the day, and I still went to sleep by 10.00 pm. Life's good, but it's busy.

So this week I can't promise to have anything up on the blog. I've been trying to write two to three posts a week, but by the time I finish at my day job - which is a communication role - my brain is done with the thinky and I just want to zone out.

I'm stealing a few minutes to write this as I feel guilty for the basket of washing that hasn't been folded yet, and wondering how long I can go to the gym for before Fringe Festival rehearsals this afternoon. And then I think, stuff it, I just want to write a few words. While listening to a podcast of course. And the dishwasher is on. I've taken an hour this morning to send off $3500 worth of invoices while eating breakfast. I'm the queen of multitasking.

I was reading an interesting article on blogger burnout last week.

"A tricky thing to avoid as a full-time blogger, considering that the Internet never sleeps, readers want fresh content daily and new social media platforms must be mastered and added to the already demanding workload. Add to that the economic challenges of blogging full time. "

Sometimes I feel this way. Each blog post is more than the writing. There's research, back linking, proofing, social media promotion and something I'm really bad at - replying to the lovely comments.

I feel the pressure to create new and interesting (and good quality) content on a regular basis. I want each blog post to move a reader. I want to write well enough to be republished. I place ridiculous pressure on myself. Of course, the world won't stop if I don't blog, but bloggers are being encouraged to write regularly and consistently so readers know when to expect a new post. I could just get over myself and realise that people aren't relying on my blog, and reassure myself that I will pick up writing again next week - it's my passion, how could I leave it for too long?


I also get this unnecessary worry that the more I write about appearance diversity, the more people will be bored by my incessant activism, or think I'm overreacting. I get messages telling me that I should see each encounter of having my appearance questioned as an opportunity to educate, or that I'm being defensive or that these encounters are not an intrusion but a part of life that I should expect. The truth is, I'd rather educate on my own terms - here - rather than having my day interrupted to satisfy a stranger's curiousity. And that's ok. And I know putting myself out there for comment through this blog is my choice, but I really don't want to be made to feel I'm overreacting or imagining things when I write about them.

Blogging is hard work - it takes time and work to build a community of followers, and while there are infinite topics to write about, my time is finite. I'm tired. So this week I'm going to take a break from the blog. I just don't have the energy to write. You can catch me on Facebook, and Instagram to see what's going on in my life.

Thank you for your constant support, see you in October!

Do you feel burnt out by blogging sometimes? How do you overcome it?




  1. It's hard work, and I slip away quietly

  2. This is just my opinion, so take it for what it is worth.

    Content does not always have to be "research, back linking, proofing, social media promotion" - I'm reading *your* blog, and it is ok to be you. Not some content producing robot. It is ok to just post a photo and/or a quick thought, or a link to something you read which you found interesting.. a memory, a this is what I did today, a recipe you love..

    "bloggers are being encouraged to"

    And who exactly made that person king of blogging? :) I think "problogging" can be a great thing at times. Sometimes, it can put massive amounts of pressure on people to be a certain way or produce posts which totally and completely bypass the reason we - their readers - loved them in the first place.

    I find this seems to happen a lot after "conferences" where people are told all kinds of wonderful things and then they want to come home and put all this stuff they were told into action, and in the process they lose the one thing which most of their readers loved about their blog - themselves. :(

    "I want each blog post to move a reader."

    And wouldn't that be an exhausting blog to read, not to menton write - for every single post to move your readers. It is ok to move people on an irregular basis. It is ok for moving people to come as a surprise to your people, and not be an expectation for every single post written. I think you want to move people once a week at most, otherwise you'll burn out your readers as well as yourself. :)

    Just be you. I like you, for who you are, not the "content" you produce and twist yourself into pretzels to create. Pretzels can be fine, they can be awesome, but if you have them each and every day, you crave icecream, or a macaron, or a cat photo. :)

    Do your own thing. Be who you *are* - not who someone else says you should be, not someone you are "encouraged" to be. That is the reason I subscribed to your blog, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

    1. Thank you so much. I get you and agree with you and this is what I wanted to read. Somehow I may have lost myself in shaping the direction of my blog.

    2. Totally what Snoskred said! Your content filled posts are great. Your casual musings about dinner are great. Go do what you have to do :)

  3. sounds like you're super busy at the moment! taking a break sounds like a really great idea!!
    do what you need to do for you!

  4. I hear you! Sometimes life just wants to be lived away from a screen and that's so OK no need to apologise. You've got heaps of great things going on

  5. Opps pressed published before I finished (I'm on my phone!). Heaps of life stuff equals heaps of blog content at a later, more relaxed date. Enjoy and chookas for your show!!

  6. I have a very simple recipe for blog burnout - I don't blog. In fact, since about 5 years ago, I have been very sporadic - not great for a blogging "career" but for us amateurs, the rules just don't apply. :) have fun at the Fringe Festival!!

  7. It's your blog...you do what's best for you..and you will be appreciated when you return.

  8. I agree. Life does get too busy sometimes and we just need to stop for a bit and take the pressure off ourselves. I am trying to make a living indirectly from my blog and I often feel guilty or cranky with myself for having a break. But when I do take some time out I find I come back refreshed and therefore don't suffer burnout. Enjoy the Fringe Festival. xx

  9. Frustratingly, I have the most to blog about when I'm busiest. When I've got a quiet week, I have little inspiration for writing. Always the way.... :)

  10. Thank-you! Thank-you for saying blogging is hard work! Thank-you for saying you feel overwhlemed! Thank-you for making me feel okay about all of these things too! I have been feeling exactly the same (although, shamefully with way less on my plate than you!) and I have been supported by my "tribe" in also taking some time out - they are providing me with amazing guest posts!! Their support and your words here make me feel like less of a weirdo for feeling like I need a break. Lol. I blog for fun! And suddenly it started not being fun. Like you I keep myself in check - who cares if I don't blog for a while?! But blogging/ writing is a discipline, and in a strange way, while I think it's important to take this pressure off ourselves (the way have done here) I also think it's a good sign that we consider that move and make it deliberately - I think it shows how committed us bloggers are, even a hobby blogger like me! x

  11. Dear Carly,congratulations on being named as one of The 100 Women of Influence 2014. I just saw the SMH today and there was your name. I took a photo for you if you would like me to send it to you. You helped me about 18 months ago by answering some questions for me after our son was seriously injured. . You introduced me to blogs and a whole new world. Thanks again, enjoy whatever you chose to do. Den xx


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