09 December 2013


I turned 32 yesterday. 32 seems like such a sensible age. Grown up. And so I bought myself some handmade porcelain cups. Because they signify 32 - the age one should have nice cups to drink from. No more discount tumblers or mismatched wine glasses. I also bought that floral dress. 32 is sophisticated.

I joke that I am getting old, but the reality is, I am not afraid of age. I look young (vaseline and rapidly renewing skin cells is the best beauty regime) and I feel youthful. I still consider myself as wide-eyed. Another year older is a gift. Every birthday I talk to my parents on the phone, thanking them for my gifts. Each year they remind me they (and the doctors) never thought I'd make it. Look how far I've come. I got some messages from some parents of children with Ichthyosis last week saying they have a big fear of the unknown for what's ahead. One asked me to tell them something about Ichthyosis that's not a scary statistic. I told them my age and what I do, and said life will be hard but it will be ok. I'm proof.

I woke up to cuddles from my boy yesterday - the best way to wake up. He bought me a silver necklace with our names inscribed on it. We had a perfect day: brunch, shopping, a cheese dinner and to the Bon Jovi concert. The night before we went to a retro party where I wore puffed sleeves and he wore double denim. And earlier in the week we saw Bob Evans at the pub. This boy, he holds my hand everywhere. People stare at me as usual. I see his head move, staring fiercely back at them, and I tell him to ignore the stares. Because when I am with him, I don't notice anyone trying to bring me down.

I love that because my birthday is in December, I can measure my age year with the calendar year. 30 and 31 were the best years so far. I cant believe the achievements this past year - three awards, countless articles published, speeches, reasonably good health, savings (and an overseas trip booked for next year!), great friends made and wonderful memories made with all of my friends, and finding love. Thank you to everyone who has cheered me on along the way. I expect 32 to be the same. I have plans for more writing and speaking, and to ensure I have fun at everything I do.

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post - both on my blog and social media.



  1. Happy Birthday Carly. Glad 31 was a great year, and hoping there will be more of the same in your 32nd year. I'm sad you won't be able to participate in my single person's blog hop again next year, but I suspect you'll be happier that way. As amazing as my blog hop was. :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Carly!

    What a happy and contented post. It's a fabulous place to be at 32.

    SSG xxx

  3. Looks like you had a great day! Happy birthday!


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