25 November 2013

Life lately

Life's good. And I have writer's block. Does this happen to you too? Does your writing flow stop when your life feels full?
I saw Paul Kelly talk about songwriting and play a few songs yesterday. He's so smart, funny and generous. It was a privilege to see him in an intimate setting. He said that songwriting can be like fishing - you just show up and wait for something to happen. I feel like that sometimes.
Life's full, I feel like I have not stopped for two weeks. There's been social events, travel, friends, adapting to life with a boyfriend, trying to fit the gym in and working at learning a new day job.
I've had Fridayology stay with me for three days - we met blogging and it seems like we've knowneach other forever. It was so great to spend time talking to her in person, finally.
Found a great restaurant on Saturday night - Miss Katie's Crab Shack - amazing American food. We had the crab broil with corn, chorizo and garlic butter, plus corn bread and chips with blue cheese sauce. It was wonderful - cheap and fresh. The seafood is sourced from Queen Victoria Markets.
Dinner is served on newspaper and there is a complimentary bib to save clothing from crab spills.

Miss Katie's Crab Shack on Urbanspoon

Also, these sunglasses came in the mail. I think they're a little bit cool and a lot ridiculous. I feel like Dame Edna and Elton John. Hello possums! (You can buy these from ASOS.)

Life's good and I'm happy. I'm getting plenty of hugs and he's making me smile.

What about you? How's life for you?



  1. So happy for you Carly... I've been feeling the same recently too... I'm really enjoying life at the moment!

    I think you can get writers block when circumstances change... if you've been writing a lot of deep and difficult soul-searching type posts - and then things change and you're feeling good about life - I think it can be difficult to change directions in your writing - switching from maybe slightly darker posts to lighter ones... maybe that's where the writers-block is coming from... just give a few weeks... I think the inspiration will return...

    In the meantime, just enjoy the good stuff! :)

  2. My heart pumps peanut butter for your happiness. Hugs.


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