20 December 2009

Internet places I like.


On this Sunday afternoon, in an attempt to procrastinate cleaning the house before the cleaner comes tomorrow, I want to share with you some of the places I like to visit on the Internet.

Vogue forums

This is a community of fashionably minded people - me included - who discuss all things fashion. Sales. Clothing trends. What they are wearing today. Where to find that fabulous dress Miranda Kerr was wearing. And a bit of other stuff including pop culture, current affairs and food.

My user name is Sqoggle. I don't chat there a lot, but I like to lurk.

I took part in a great Kris Kringle (Secret Santa) on Vogue forums this year and last year. Both times I received something beautiful from anonymous Vogue forum users. Both times I received something from this wonderful Etsy seller, Wiyomu.

This year I received this necklace, but in silver. It's so delicate and special. It's perfect, well chosen from someone who didn't know me at all. Thanks Polly 6034!

Red Dog and Jude

This is a blog by my friend Danielle, who is a graphic designer. She designs books and images for children's clothing and toys. Danielle is very talented and very busy.

Flair to Remember

As mentioned a couple of posts back, Nikki is the creator of Flair to Remember. Nikki has an amazing sense of style, and I do enjoy reading her blog for inspiration.

Vegan Lunchbox

I used to be a regular at Vegan Lunchbox, but not so much recently. Jennifershmoo creates amazing vegan lunches for her son and herself. They are presented so well. Even if you're not vegan, which I am not, you'll find the presentation and inventiveness of her food amazing.

Faux Fuschia

I have only begun reading this blog recently, but I love it! The writing reminds me of a glamourous TV character. Very tongue in cheek, but very serious about style.

Alibi Online and Freez Clothing

I'm not a huge online shopper outside of Ebay. I often buy clothes, books and CDs from Ebay. Recently I bought a fabulous playsuit and Mimco headband from Ebay. I like the buy now option - the bid option makes my heart beat fast. I've not had many bad experiences on Ebay apart from the time I bought seasons one to four of Felicity on DVD and when I received them, they were pirate. I really really wanted them though, and they were relatively cheap, so I wasn't too disheartened, but I don't like supporting piracy.

But the online stores I visit and make purchases from (as opposed to visit and see what I can buy in store - hello Mimco and Sportsgirl have been Alibi Online and Freez Clothing. These have affordable and stylish clothing that are mailed super fast. If you're into fashion, and like things you don't see every day in the shops, try Alibi Online and Freez Clothing.

Well they are just a few of the Internet places I like. Check them out.


  1. Lol! The best thing about ebay is that you don't just buy things... you WIN them!!

    Everyone loves winning ;D



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