27 December 2015

A handmade quilt for Christmas.

Mum made Adam and I a quilt for Christmas. It was the best present - a labour of love. So many hours of work went into this.

Look how proud she is!

She spent many years making it - I remember seeing the fabric when my grandmother was still alive.

I love it and I love her for making it. It's a gift I'll treasure always. Thanks Mum!


  1. That is a really beautiful quilt! Your mom is very thoughtful and talented, you and Adam are very lucky to have her.

  2. A beautiful quilt you will have forever.

    My mom is still with us, but she can't sew or talk - and I treasure the few handmade things she's given me over the years.

    And wish dementia research would get its you-know-what it gear. It took my grandmother the same way it's taking my mother - what have they been doing the past 25 years?


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