03 November 2015

Fleetwood Mac live at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne.

I used to do concert reviews on my blog. I haven't done one in a while. When I got home last night I wrote a short one for Facebook. I wanted to record it properly to look back on. So here it is.

Last night I experienced one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Fleetwood Mac. Wow. A concert I dreamed of going to since I watched The Dance in 1997. I feel so lucky to have been raised on their music - listening to them on record and cassette from when I was very small.

The music tonight was outstanding. The professionalism, talent, engagement with the audience, energy - amazing. Although we had seats in the nosebleed section, the band treated us like we were front row.

My highlights:

- Stevie Nicks' tambourine, and her pep talk about "reaching for the stars (stores) and following your dreams" before Gypsy. Landslide was perfect.

- Christine McVie's voice. Her golden honey voice. And her gratitude to be back playing with the band. Songbird was beautiful.

- Lindsay Buckingham's anecdotes about the band were interesting. He has so much energy. Big Love was a stand out.

- The tinkles Mick Fleetwood made on the glass. His charisma. Those red shoes. He must have a great heart to play a three hour set on the drums.

- That John McVie is in good enough health to have toured 110 shows and counting.

- The confirmation that the past is in the past and the band is together now. "The Mac is Back", Mick Fleetwood said.

My only regret is not shelling out more money for a better view.

Loved it. A million stars.


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