20 August 2015

Six Instagram accounts I love (plus an Instagram tip from me).

When I was at Problogger, I saw a speaker called Jadah Sellner who spoke about growing an instagram following. She had some great tips which are easy to implement. Her number one tip was to engage authentically with others. Jadah runs an account called Simple Green Smoothies - she's got 300,000 followers which she and her business partner have cultivated since 2012. Jadah uses Instagram to share photos of green smoothies and through genuine connection and trust, brings followers back to her blog to sign up for free and paid smoothie challenges.

Carly Findlay and Jadah Sellner

Jadah is community minded - and gave this great advice:

Choose love over metrics - Jadah Sellner, #pbevenf

I believe this too, Jadah, I do.

I love Instagram. It allows me to show bits of my life. I keep it real - showing my cooking (including a spilt bowl of porridge!), fashions and sunsets. Instagram, has worked well for me to tell mini stories between blog posts, or to promote (or summarise) blog posts.

I also use it to share information about Ichthyosis, and find others with the condition. I love how it connects me with others who have Ichthyosis - because of hashtags. If you have a niche blog or instagram account, use hashtags so people can find you and your cause. That's my number one tip.

Mostly, I love looking at others' photos. Instagram is a window to the #SoBlessed soul. People are so talented. And lead beautifully curated lives. That's typed with irony. Because I know Instagram is just a showreel of the best bits of someone's life. But it can be a nice escape from yours too.

I want to share some of my favourite Instagram accounts with you, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Vanilla Zulu's instagram - cheeseboard


Mel from Vanilla Zulu is a foodie. It's not surprising why I like her - amazing photos of food, and she also runs a cookery school in Brisbane. Just look at that cheese platter! Wedding inspo right there.

Poppyseedhouse's instagrm - coffee surrounded by flowers


Sharon from Poppyseedhouse lives in Suffolk, UK. She takes beautiful photos of buildings, weddings, gardens and children. I love the ethereal nature of her work. Stunning.

Heidiapples instagram - breakfast


My friend, HeidiApples, who is a nutritionist, makes the most amazing whole foods. I love her breakfasts (that's chocolate porridge up there!), her food styling and her cute baby bump (she's going to be a mum next month!). You won't be disappointed. She blogs at Apples Under My Bed.

RarePearStudio instagram - collage


Shani from RarePearStudio is an amazing artist. So bloody talented. Everything she paints is pretty. We've collaborated on something exciting - watch this space. Shani and I met at Problogger after months of talking online - she's very funny.

Carly findlay and Shani from Rare Pear Studio
Into the fold instagram - child's bedroom


Instagram has got me into home porn. I mean, not literally making pornography at home. Just eyeing off beautiful interiors. Into_The_Fold sells waterproof cushions and its Imstagram account features beautifully decorated rooms. I love the kids' rooms the best - cluck cluck. Sigh. My room would never be that amazing.

Kellysnaphappy instagram - flowers in icecream cone


KellySnapHappy does wonderful things with flowers, balloons and icecream cones. I would love to buy a print of hers and hang it in my house. Stunning.

I'm going to share some bonus tips:

Canva is my favourite app to create infographics. It's free and can be used in an app or online.

I love Diptic for framing multiple photos.

I use my (gifted) Olympus Pen epl-7 for taking most of my photos now. It's great because I can transfer the photos to my iPhone by wifi immediately! Magic.

And SquareReady makes rectangular photos fit into an Instagram square.You can get that app from the Google Play or iTunes stores.

Hope they help!

While watching Jadah speak, my Instagram account clicked over to 3000 followers! Last conference, it clicked over to 2000. I said to Jadah that because I'm a personal blogger, I am my own brand, and I share my life as a whole with the world, and to show life beyond Ichthyosis. She said I am doing ok. You can follow me @carlyfindlay.

Macarons - 3000+ Instragram followers - thank you!

Who are your favourite Instagrammers? Got any tips for me?












  1. I LOVE instagram! It's my favourite social media too and while my account is named for my blog I use it just because I enjoy it. Jadahs talks were amazing, she is so generous with her knowledge, entertaining to listen to and full of interesting and inspiring stories. Congrats on your 3000 x

    1. It's a lot of fun hey? At first I couldn't see the pony of vintage looking photos but after two years I love it! It's a great way to meet new people :)

  2. Oh Man Carly, there are so many. I love my instagram feed, it is so pretty and full of inspiring Women like yourself xo

  3. Thanks for the share, Carly!

    I love house porn!

    1. I'd like to be tidy enough to make my house pretty like Instagram

  4. Great roundup of IG accounts there. I particularly love poppyseedhouse and am now following. And of course the wonderful Shani!!

  5. I went to the Vanilla Zulu cooking school last month! Mel is a pretty amazing teacher.
    Thanks for this Insta account inspiration!

  6. I missed Jadah's instagram talk-can't wait for the recording. I love canva too! Maybe a bit much- a big time waster creating over there. Some great Instagram choices. Congrats on 3000! That's awesome.

  7. Carly, thank you for sharing your life on Instagram. And the tips here as you're such an inspiration for me and others on social media. Cheers!

  8. Thanks for the great tips Carly and for introducing me to some beautiful new Insta accounts, Gina x

  9. As a total newbie to Intagram, these tips are great!


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