28 March 2015

Holiday snaps - one year since departure. Doing nothing.

For many years, my mum seemed annoyed when I sat around doing nothing. Now she's telling me to sit and do nothing. So I am. Listen to your mother. Doing nothing is wonderful.

Street art, Auckland, NZ. Painting of women eating ice-cream.

It's a year this weekend since I went overseas. Gosh that time has flown. In the spirit of doing nothing, I finally transferred the photos from my camera to my computer. So nostalgic. Lucky I took a photo of EVERYTHING I ate.

I realised that since that trip, I've had very little time to just do nothing. I've been on the go for a year. And so it was so nice to reflect on the photos, finally.

Here's the view from the Viaduct in Auckland, NZ. I am sad to have only taken a few photos in Auckland - because it was a pretty city.

View from Viaduct, Auckland, NZ. Water and a boat.

And this amazing view behind me in Sausalito, USA.

Carly Findlay in front of sea at Sausalito, USA

The ferris wheel at Navy Pier, Chicago USA.
Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier, Chicago, USA.

And a view of Central Park, New York City, by horse and carriage.
Central Park, New York City

Such beautiful memories. I have a few travel posts coming up - it's been really nice to reminisce.

What you up to? Doing nothing?

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  1. I'm sitting at the hairdresser alternating between reading on my phone and watching people. Blissful relaxation!


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