12 July 2014

A Mighty Girl

Oh wow!

I woke up to being featured on A Mighty Girl again! The post was a recap of what happened when I took on the trolls on Reddit.

I adore the A Mighty Girl Facebook page - it features pioneers and role models of all ages, and so it's an honour to be featured. Thanks team! (The link to the AMG feature is here.)

The A Mighty Girl audience is so supportive and I've been reading lovely comments this morning. I'm still quite sore and tired from my short hospital stay so these kind words have buoyed me.

Thank you to all of the new people who have visited my blog and liked my Facebook page so far. I hope you'll enjoy what I post.

If you're looking to find out more about Ichthyosis, visit this tab. If you're looking for some appearance diversity and Ichthyosis related resources, click here.

Thank you everyone and have a great Saturday!



  1. So pleased for you Carly. A Mighty Girl is the best. I'm loving working my way through your blog. So much great stuff on here. Hope all is well for you after your hospital stay. xx

  2. Hi Carly,

    I just saw that you are on the Comcare conference program. I'm so pleased to see it... I suggested you months ago when they put a call out for speaker suggestions, but never heard anything back at work, so thought that it mustn't have amounted to anything.

    Hope it all goes well,

    Kat :)


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