23 October 2013

Chase that feeling

"And I’m a chase that feeling,

Take that pain and replace that feeling,

And I’m a take that healing then,

Stand so tall they’ll have to raise that ceiling man....

It’s got a hold on me, and I’m a chase that feeling,

Chase that feeling"

~ Chase that Feeling, The Hilltop Hoods

Words I thought I'd never utter: I can't wait to go for a run at 6.15 am. Excited about chasing that feeling. True.

I've been going to the gym for almost four weeks now. I've tried to go most days, or every second day. I love it! I'm doing cardio (walking, cycling, elliptical and running) and a weights program (squats, leg lifts, sit ups, chest presses and arm raises). I'm not good at it but I'm doing it!

I can't believe I ran 1.41 km on the treadmill last Friday - it was in around 11 minutes and was quite comfortable up to the 1 km mark. And on Monday, there were no treadmills available and so I ran 2.37 km on the elliptical trainer in 18 minutes. I'd say moving at 8-9 km an hour is running, yes? Yeah!

I didn't think I would love it as much. But once I discovered endorphins, and how regular exercise is changing my body for the better, I love it. I think it's improved my circulation as I feel warmer. I'm standing straighter. And not only am I feeling more toned, but my skin is radiant! Just radiant!

I've got lots of friends who are also posting their exercise adventures online, and this has motivated me even more. Some of them are like me - new to it and on a mission to just get moving to feel better.

Mornings are best for exercising - it gets my day off to a great start and my body is cooler than after work. I've worked out a good routine - to shower, put cream on and rest as soon as I've finished the workout - and this rest time ensures my skin feels comfortable for the day ahead. Also, the endorphins mean that I feel better through the day. Cheerier even.

I also have a veritable collection of gym outfits - leggings, tank tops and jackets, four sports bras, and an extra pair of sneakers (which seem to keep my feet cooler than my others, but don't offer the support I need. They look great though!).

Half an hour, even 45 minutes, is not a huge impost on my day. But I have found that if I'm not enjoying the music in the room, the time drags. I take my iPod and have been listening to Sia's collaborations with David Guetta and Flo Rida, Katy Perry's Roar, and Avicii's Levels - I don't know who I am anymore! The Hilltop Hoods have also been great to pace myself when running.

I'm conscious of what I'm eating - lots of vegetables, eggs, dairy, meat and fruit. And I'm so hungry - all of the time! I have only had one soft drink during this time, and I feel like I'm drinking less alcohol - stopping at two drinks when I do drink (mostly on a Friday and Saturday night).

Even more surprisingly, I decided to go in the swimming pool twice over the past weekend - and I loved it! I did some weight bearing movements standing up at the railing and with a pool noodle. I haven't been in the pool for quite some time. More please!

I'm not wanting to get skinny, I just want to feel strong and healthy. And I'm on my way. Isn't it great what the body can do?


Have you made a commitment to exercise recently, after never doing it or enjoying it before? Do you love it?

What are your favourite songs to listen to when exercising?



  1. Go Carly! I recently started running but now I may extend my "workouts" with some of the exercises you are doing too! I need to start adding some squats and sit-ups to me list! I usually listen to some upbeat bluegrass to get me going! :-)


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