08 July 2013

The roundup: Thank you, Uber, MS Australia conference, Voices of 2013, You Am I.

What a busy few days! I'm exhausted! There's been a bit happening, hence the roundup title of this post.

Firstly, a big thank you for all the support you gave me following the taxi driver verbal abuse incident. So many friends, strangers and people in the media have shared my story. While I do encounter many rude people, the amount of lovely people I encounter, often because of the rude people, is multiplied tenfold. I was commissioned by Daily Life to write a personal account - you can read it here. Writing that article is contributing to my savings account for my next big trip (which I am planning for next year). There have been many silver linings. I am, however, still baffled that 13Cabs have not responded to my tweet or Facebook post. While I logged a formal complaint on Saturday, I expected their social media team to at least acknowledge this incident and advise that my tweet has been escalated. Not good enough.

Also, Uber, a luxury taxi service, has given me some credit to ensure I get home safely in future. I used Uber the night before I received verbal abuse in a 13Cabs taxi. I downloaded the free app to my iPhone, registered with Uber including inputting my debit card details. When I was ready to be driven home, I booked a car, and received notification of the driver's name, photo, car registration and estimated time of arrival by SMS and through the app. When the car arrived, I was excited that it was a luxury limousine, and even more impressed my lovely driver opened the door for both Tash and I. He dropped Tash at her destination and drove me home, making interesting conversation along the way. The car smelled nice, the driver was friendly and I got home safely - without being questioned about my skin. Uber is currently in Sydney and Melbourne and also in America. The Uber service is a little more expensive than a regular taxi service, but I highly recommend it. (Please note - I rode Uber complimentary last Wednesday night after attending a media launch, and Uber also contacted me on Twitter after a few friends suggested I use them following the abuse in the taxi. They offered me further credit so I can ride safely.)

On Friday I gave a talk about resilience and my skin at the Multiple Sclerosis Australia conference. I spoke to around 35 people - and while I had a prepared speech, I winged it, talking a lot about the difficult encounters but also how I live life to the full, despite. After my speech, I presented a master class on blogging, and after a presenter shuffle, I talked the group through the basics of social media - so they too can be online activists. I think I convinced a few of them to start using Twitter and even to blog. Debra Cerasa, CEO of MS Australia - pictured below, has been chatting to me on Twitter for about a year, and it was so lovely to be invited to speak, and also to chat to her and Kathie Melocco (conference facilitator) at the dinner and the conference. Debra has a cooking school, and I can't wait to go with my Mum.

I am very excited to announce that I'm a finalist in Parenting and Personal category of the Kidspot Voices of 2013 blogging competition. It's really nice to be recognised in the blogging industry, and to stand with some prominent bloggers - Kelly, Naomi, Kate and Trish. I had a piece published on the Voices of 2013 blog last week. I'll also be writing a few original posts for the competition, so look out for those. Thanks for supporting me, Alex, Bron, Pip, Sam and all at Kidspot, plus you lovely readers.
I went to see You Am I play at The Forum on Saturday night. They played their Hourly Daily and HiFi Way albums live and in full. I think Tim Rogers is the hottest man in Australian rock and roll.

My only regret in life is that I hadn't seen them live until recently. They were so full of energy, so tight and so fun! Tim Rogers works that stage, demading respect (asking the audience not to throw stuff after two pairs of undies were thrown at him) and swaggers sexily. I loved his jumps and arm swings. The new kid in the band, Davey Lane was such a star too, emulating Tim's riffs perfectly - and Tim was ribbing him about his youth, hair, dress sense and cheek bones. There were a few moments where Tim was heartfelt and vulnerable - talking about how much he's given up because of music, how he misses his little girl, but then realising that everything good in his life has come out of You Am I - including his little girl. At the end of the show, he looked physically worn out. He sat down on the drum podium, resting and reflecting. He looked around at the audience, swigging a drink and thanking us. I got a nod and a thanks after I mouthed thanks to Tim. Chrissie Francis took this photo - she was the only photographer in the pit, standing next to me. I love how it captures Tim's vulnerability and his humility. You can see more of Christine's photos here.

Again, thank you to everyone for your support. I feel very loved, and so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.


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  1. Thank you for all this Carly - loved reading about your week. Your are very kind to mention Multiple Sclerosis Australia. We appreciate that! You were fabulous at our Forum and your contributions certainly added to the richness of our day. Cheers Deb


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