30 July 2012

Travel tales: Shopping in New York, Radio Carly at Radio City, Cirque Du Soleil, Staten Island Ferry

I am getting into the groove of New York, and loving it now! The temperature has cooled considerably, and I am much more comfortable walking around. We have been doing things on a whim, deciding on our adventures in the morning, going where we feel like, and packing so much into each day.

On Saturday I worried that I would not find anything in the shops. Surely a practised shopper like me and this big city would be a match made in heaven. Hmmm... Mum and I walked through Macy's. I was so bored with the clothes, but she found a great dress and top. I tried two things on, both dresses, both with too much material, and waaaay too big, even in size small. I think Macy's is out of my age/style demographic. So I got despondent. Until we hit American Eagle Outfitters and I saw an outfit on the mannequin. And I tried it on. I loved it! Size 6 people. Size 6 fit. Here it is. An orange and blue striped top and a floral pleated mini.
I had some more luck with clothes at a street fair on 6th Avenue, buying this skirt. Clothes are so cheap! $15. It is reversible too.
To avoid the heat in the middle of the day (and it actually was not so hot) Mum and I saw Cirque Du Solei at Radio City. I had heard rave reviews about it from a friend at work, but never had the chance to go in Australia. I am so glad we saw it in New York. The stage setting was opulent, and the costumes amazing. The performance was mindblowing. There were musicians, acrobats, gymnasts, clowns, ballet dancers and even a painter. I marvelled at how much the human body can do, and what it can represent. At times the bodies flying across the air looked like ribbons twirling. And there was some spectacular hula hooping happeing - acrobats spinning inside giant hoops! The performers showed such endurance and team work, and there was a lot of trust in their acts. I took some photos on my camera, and Mum took better ones on her phone, but this is the only one I can get on my iPad right now. Hopefully I can share more with you soon. Radio City is a grand venue and I was excited that (Tune into) Radio Carly was at Radio City!
After the Cirque show there was a massive downpour. There was so much water in the streets and it was hard to walk in the crowd with umbrellas. People huddled under awnings or waited in shops until the rain passed. On our walk back to the hotel we saw one of many memorials to fire fighters who lost their life on September 11 2011. I choked up reading this, and I am sure I will get even more emotional at the Ground Zero site.
We had dinner at a very disapponting restuarant - here I am with a margarita.
And after dinner we jumped in a cab to the ferry terminal where we caught a ferry to Staten Island and back. It is a free ferry that runs very frequently between Staten Island and Manhattan.

Again, not a great photo, but I wanted to show you how spectacular the Freedom Tower at the Ground Zero memorial site looks. It is only half built and so in the night sky, it looks like it is piercing the sky.
On the ferry we met two lovely families. One couple was our tour guide during the trip to Staten Island, pointing out the Statue of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge and advising us of other tourist attractions we should visit. And the other family were visiting from Ohio and we shared a taxi back to Times Square.

It was a lovely day, and the fun we have had and the nice people we have met makes me wish I had more time here.


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  2. I didn't even go to Ground Zero and I totally understand what you mean. We went to Tribeca, where we attended a regular Sunday church service with our friend and then went to visit the fire station from Ghostbusters. The fire station is in lower Manhattan and has been renamed in honour of a firefighter who lost his life on 9/11. All of the surrounding streets were named for different emergency services responders who died and there are memorials everywhere (there was a large police station just around the corner). It really hit me that day, in a way that it never quite did before, even when I watched the whole disaster unfold on TV. I found it really upsetting.

  3. Glad the weather has cooled and you are having a good time. Go you on the shopping, I was quite hopeless on my trip. You have scored some excellent finds.

  4. Carly, try www.chowhound.com's Manhattan board for restaurant recommendations. That community knows their stuff. I am so glad you are having more fun now.

  5. Sounds like it has been a great trip so far!

    Ps. Size 6 is actually an Australian 10 :p

  6. I love (LOVE!!!!!) American Eagle! So glad your finding awesome clothes. (the outfits look so cute on you.) Pity your not finding that awesome NYC restaurant to go head over heels for. We must find one before you leave! :)


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