24 October 2016

Launching our podcast - Refreshments Provided

Jason and I launched our podcast four weeks ago and I haven't blogged about it yet. Sorry. I was overseas. Anyway, here it is! It's called Refreshements Provided and it's an irreverent chat, mostly based on food, but we talk about what we've been watching, reading and doing too.

You can listen for free on iTunes and Soundcloud.

Jason and I are huge podcast fans, and have been talking about starting a podcast of our own for about a year now. We've done quite a bit of planning, and it's come together well. It's been a lot of fun   recording each episode. Really it's just a recording of two friends having a chat. It's really nice to talk about light hearted stuff rather than activism. I giggle a lot. When we are more practiced, we will invite some guests.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Read our show notes here.

If you have listened to it, please leave us a review on iTunes. And if you have any ideas for topics or guests, let us know on the socials.

We hope you enjoy listening to the podcast as much as we've enjoyed making it.

Big thanks to Jason for doing all of the grunt work while I've been overseas.


  1. Congratulations Carly, Jason is a funny guy so I can understand the giggles. Awesome to hear that you are doing this together 👏👏

  2. Have listened to your episodes and left a review! Love the show, and love the conversations. Thank you for making my day! :)


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