06 April 2012

The great digital divide. Embracing my South African heritage

There's not much to do on Good Friday. I am at my parents' in the country. It is nice doing nothing. Out here there's the Great Digital Divide. We can't get onto the internet because everyone else seems to be using the information superhighway to play Farmville. We can't book our LA accommodation. My phone works best outside pointed up to the sky.

The Great Digital Divide doesn't just exist with Internet connections (though there's more disconnection than connection.

Mum has been asking me about my iPhone and her iTunes on her laptop.

This was an actual conversation between us today.

Mum: "so your apps work with your iPhone?"
Me: "you're speaking a language you don't understand."
Mum: "I know."

We both laughed and laughed. I kept on saying "I will put more on" - referring to music - but it came out as "moron". Again, we laughed and laughed.

I've been uploading CDs onto her computer so she can sync them to her little iPod. So far I've done Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Fleetwood Mac and The Bee Gees.

In exchange for my tech services, she gave me two necklaces from South Africa. I love this one. I already have plans for what I'll wear it with.

In other news, I received confirmation that I will be speaking at the Appearance Matters conference at the University of Western England. Very excited!

Today it is the Royal Children's Hospital (in Melbourne) Good Friday Appeal. If you can please donate. They did so much for me from birth to 23 and continue to help many of my friends. Details here: http://www.rch.org.au

I'm off now to upload this blog now. Need to point my phone at the sky, extending my arm as far as it can reach.


  1. Wow, what a necklace!

    Hahaha, my husb and I have conversations with our parents (mostly my dad) all the time about things they clearly have NO idea about. It's so funny and the funnier thing is they don't really get that they're not really speaking the language properly!!

    Congratulations on your speaking gig. Very cool.

    Hope your Easter Saturday is going well.

  2. Well after you've sorted out your mum's technical skills you can sort mine out. Great necklace and colours, looks amazing. Congrats on being asked to speak in England, am sure you will be amazing Carly. Have a lovely Easter and weekend with your family!

  3. what a beautiful necklace! looks so fabulous on you. congrats on getting the public speaking gig in ye ol' merry England. hooray for you. this is your year. xo


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