26 February 2011

Saturday. Oh the possibilities!

Saturday! I love the feeling of endless possibilities. No belly dancing for me today as I am quite sore. Instead, a lie in until 10.00 am and a slow start to a fun day.

My fun Saturday started off a bit strange - as I headed downstairs, my new neighbour, or my neighbour's guest - I don't know, there's always people and cars coming and going, squinted up to look at me. I said hi, asked her how she was, but she didn't answer. Instead she asked if I had a face mask on. I told her I was born this way, just like Lady Gaga (I didn't actually throw in the Gaga reference, but maybe I will next time someone asks...). She stood there laughing and staring, then when I told her no need to stare, she covered her mouth and scurried inside. No apology, just a series of nervous giggles. Weird.

I spent the day in Brunswick Street Fitzroy with my Mum - it was a really lovely day. But really hot too. By the end of the day, the heat was killing me, and all I could do was peel off my clothes and flop on the couch with a slurpee and the Saturday papers. Bliss.

We went to the Magic Lantern Studio - Mum was so enchanted by the artworks and toys. I loved the Ronald McDonald figurine trapped in an industrial whisk - like a hot air balloon, but a modern day gaol as Gonzalo called it.

We ate pho.
I love pho so much.

And saw interesting street art:

We had icecream from Trampoline - I had vanilla bean and lemon lime and bitters, and Mum had a summer fruits sorbet. And we went to the Rose Street artists market. If it wasn't so hot, and if I wasn't on my shopping ban, I could have browsed and spent money for hours. Such pretty things.

Speaking of pretty, here is my Mum eating pho.

And this is what I wore.

Outfit 28. You can't see it but I did double stripes - I also wore striped tights under my denim shorts. I walk a thin line - usually of grey and black, or black and white stripes. Hah! You will see I have a shopping bag draped over my wrist. Fear not. There are no clothes or accessories or CDs inside. Just some really expensive luxury shampoo and conditioner - it was needed though. Modern Organic Products sulphate free, from Klein's Perfumery, FYI. I washed and conditioned my hair with it tonight and it feels really really good. $56 for hair care. Because I'm worth it.
These were taken right after some ignoramus's jaw dropped on seeing me and she exclaimed 'Oh My Lord'. I also thought Oh My Lord when I saw the ignoramus was revealing too much back fat out of her sundress. Mum got angry at her stares and comments. I told Mum not to worry about her stares and comments because I'm on TV and that ignoramus probably isn't.
Outfit 29. The dinner outfit. Very simple, very easy to assemble.
The dinner blog entry is coming soon. We went to a really good place...

Mum gave me a heap of fruit and veges from my parents' property - can't wait to cook tomorrow!


  1. I've got 99 problems but a bi$&h ain't one - love that track!!! Awesome paste up :) :) :)

    Don't you LOVE Pho!?!? I could inhale it for breakfast, lunch and tea!!!

    Have you gone to Chu The near the corner of Vic Parade and Church St?! It's the BEST. BEST Pho!!! They have a place in Footscray and another in LA (USA). Their Pho is AMAZING. Highly recommended!!!

    Awesome Satdee, hope your Sundee is just as good :) :) :)

  2. Yep, love pho, I have a place in Footscray I love. Great shopping, too, can't go wrong in Klein's perfumery. You amaze me with your resilience, and yep, there are too many chicks with back fat poking out their tops- what about when they wear a thick strapped support bra and spaghetti strap top? You're outfit seriously beats that!

  3. I am LOVING the new blog look, Carly!

    SSG xxx


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